Yet another software engineers, are we?

We build web applications on a daily basis.

We do Java, Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript stuff.

Who are we?

Tomasz Banaś

Java developer since 2012. In the beginning of his career he worked on CRM for global telecom operator. Since 2014 working for US clients. Programmer of applications for airlines and travel agencies which handle 500TPS.


Kamil Kubacki

Java developer since 2012. Creates software solutions for travelers, travel agencies and airlines from the United States of America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Closely cooperates with clients to meet their needs. Co-founder and software developer in Zink24 platform.


Artur Trzop

Ruby developer since 2012. The author of knapsack gem and the tool which helps to optimize test suite distribution across continuous integration servers. He worked for recent years with business financing clients from San Francisco and London.


How do we work?


We can help you in many ways:

  • extend your team in order to support and maintain your projects,
  • build MVPs according to your mockups,
  • convert your ideas into applications.


We put great emphasis on direct communication with customers.
Due to remote type of work we use Skype, Slack and Google Hangouts on a daily basis.


Our contracts are based on Time & Materials.

Technologies we use

Ruby Java Elixir JavaScript Angular
Ruby on Rails Spring MVC Play Framework Phoenix Framework
MySQL PostgreSQL Redis MongoDB Elastic Oracle
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Git Sass
Heroku AWS

Where are we?

We work remotely, yet still three of us live in Kraków, Poland.